I am officially a Puppy Aunt! Sweet baby Lulu came to join our family on Monday! 
I journeyed with my sister to pick her up and take her to her new home, which proved to be a pretty easy task. We thought she might be a little furry wrecking ball in the car, but she just sat quietly and occasionally chewed on the straw to my diet Coke (thanks Lulu, I guess I was done with it anyways). We brought her to my sister’s house and let her explore, did a fun little puppy photo session and played outside. 
I am officially obsessed! She is the squishiest little nugget of fur I have ever seen in my life! She’s getting close to being potty trained already, thanks to a wonderful breeder who started the process early! She loves her stuffed toys and she is completely attached to Jenny. Precious little punkin!
I love her name too, it’s so much fun! It rhymes with lots of things, like moomoo and foofoo and bugaboo. She’s going to have a bazillion nicknames. While my sister is definitely the poster child for Lululemon, puppy Lulu is not necessarily named after the clothing company. But maybe we could strike a deal with Lululemon to see if she could be sponsored by them or something?!? 😉
Welcome home sweet little LuluMoomooBuggaboo! Love youuuu! 🙂

Lulu loves her Aunt Becky! 😉


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