Back to "work"

They say when you love what you do, you never really work a day in your life….that is very much true for me.

I made the decision last year to only photograph elopements and intimate weddings (less than 20 guests), so 2015 is truly the first year of my photography career where I don’t have any large weddings. Now that June is here and I’m feeling good, I am officially back to “work”! I say “work” because my job truly doesn’t feel like work at all. It feels like I get paid to play in the mountains with my camera. 🙂

On any given Saturday afternoon, I can be scrolling through my Instagram feed and see dozens of my wedding photographer friends gearing up for days full of stress, heat, cranky wedding planners, late makeup artists and out of control wedding guests. But not me! Nope, this girl no longer has to work 30 weekends in a row between May and October since most of my clients opt for weekday elopements. This girl doesn’t have to deal with stress and chaos anymore. This girl doesn’t have to be on her feet for 10 hours, carrying 25 lbs. of gear and walking 7 miles all over creation (did you know the average wedding photographer walks 7 miles at a wedding?!) Ahhhhhhhhhh! Thank you LORD that I free from that stress and exhaustion!

 Last week I had an elopement in Telluride and a then tiny little wedding at Copper Mountain. Both couples booked me over 9 months ago and they both booked top packages, so refunding their money would have been painful. I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. Since I’m not quite 100% healed, David came along, just in case I suddenly didn’t feel well (plus we got to turn it into a fun trip away together). Overall, I felt amazing! I definitely worked a little too hard and had to take a few days this week to recover, but that was a small price to pay.

We stayed at a beautiful riverside inn just outside of Telluride. Another perk of this job? My clients pick awesome wedding locations and then pay for my travel to get there and lodging. Sometimes I have to pinch myself…is this a real job?!

We stopped for a roadside selfie as the sunset….how can you not with a location this beautiful?
Our elopement location in Telluride. Wowza!

We stopped in a beautiful area so David could get a little fishing time under his belt and the next day we had fun in Copper with some clients from Texas that planned a tiny little destination wedding on top of the mountain. Unfortunately the chairlift broke, so we had to 4×4 up the mountain in our car with the bride and groom! I’m sure that will be something they always remember!
My associate photographer Andrea came along with us on Saturday in case I needed her to step in and help out since I was going to be on my feet for several hours. I am so blessed to have her, she is literally carrying me through this year. She has stepped up to the plate so much, helping me out, shooting for me, answering emails when I was in the hospital. She’s amazing. I was so thankful she came with me on Saturday! This was our first time shooting together in 2 years! Crazy!
My clients brought their sweet little dogs all the way from TX for the wedding! They were a little afraid of the elevation as we hung out on top of the mountain!

Gosh, it felt good to be in the mountains with my camera in my hands again. Photography is so important to me, it has been really hard to go without it for so long! I had an absolutely blast with both of my clients, going back to work couldn’t have gone better.


One thought on “Back to "work"

  1. Gorgeous photos as usual! And I am so glad to read that you are feeling well enough to photograph again! What a neat idea to focus on elopements and small weddings. Down the road my husband and I would love to be a photographer team (probably WAY down the road at this point…I need to brush up on the skills I have lost and he is currently learning the mechanics of our camera). I would love to have a job that didn't feel like a “job” even though it will still require hard work! (7 miles walked at a wedding…that sounds insane!)


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