This & That

  • This is a tough one.. David and I have felt God leading us away from our church of 9 years. I tried to fight it for a while as we talked about exploring other churches in our area. But as we have prayed over the past year (yes, it’s been on our hearts that long, we just haven’t felt convicted to move into action until now), it has become clear to us that God is indeed moving us in a different direction. Our prayer right now is just that God would guide us to wherever He wants us to be…even if that is right back at our current church at the end of our exploring. We’re trusting Him to navigate us through this process. I’m sad, nervous, excited, hopeful and overwhelmed all at the same time (typical). Searching for a solid, Biblical church is exhausting. Gone are the days of just being able to go into a church and trust that it’s a place full of people seeking Truth. Case in point, there’s a new church being built in our neighborhood right now. It’s a super cute building, it’s going to have a day care center, book store and a coffee shop inside. I looked at their website only to find out they are a part of one of the largest Christian cults in America. Lots of wolves in sheep’s clothing out there. But, hopefully at the end of our search, God will have lead us to a place that feels like home. Let the searching begin!

  • In September I had the opportunity to spend a week in Aspen with my mom and sister (and Lulu of course!!!) and I’m just now getting around to looking through photos of our trip. I had 3 elopements in the area so we decided it would be fun to just rent a house and hang for the week. We hiked, took scenic drives, ate a lot of pizza, relaxed on the patio, played with Lu and just had a wonderful time connecting and enjoying the beauty around us.

  • A few weekends ago, we were invited to stay at a beautiful lodge in the Snowy Mountains in Wyoming with some dear friends of ours. Each year we do a photoshoot swap for each other so that we have some updated pictures. In years past, we’ve gone to some beautiful locations, but this one was one of my favorites. The lodge rents out rustic cabins which we got to stay in. We fished, took photos, shared meals, played poker, hiked and just had a wonderfully relaxing weekend away.

 I swear this wild man of mine is never happier than when he has a fishing pole in his hands. He caught 5 fish in less than an hour!

  • David and I have both been dyyyyying to go to the desert lately. It’s been a year since we were last there and we’re kind of crawling out of our skin to get back. There’s just something about the desert…it’s healing, inspiring, peaceful, vibrant and just a heck of a lot of fun! So to the desert we go. We’re taking a long weekend away. Still not sure where we’re going yet…maybe Moab or maybe not. Maybe Capitol Reef or maybe not. We’ll just let the Spirit move on this trip 🙂

  • Something has to happen soon with my hair. The area which was shaved for surgery is starting to grow in really well. It’s about 4 inches long now and it’s getting out of control. In another month or two, it’s going to be really obvious that a big chunk of my hair doesn’t look right. Up until now I’ve been able to hide it all really well. Most people can’t tell I’m missing any hair at all (pro tip: if you have brain surgery, make sure your brain surgeon is based in L.A. and has bought into the SoCal lifestyle that places a high value on looking good. He’ll minimize the hair you lose and the size of your scar. *wink*wink*) but in a few months, I think a big change will be coming so that all my hair can be the same length again. Long bob perhaps?

  • It’s my off-season now and things have slowed down enough to finally start reading for pleasure again. David and I both want to be more intentional with our down-time and not get too sucked into TV, movies or Pinterest (me, not him ha!). I’m keeping a running list of books I want to read but I’d love to add a few new ones to the list. Have you read anything good lately? Please share!
  • David and I signed up for Apple Music a few months ago and I’m finally starting to get the hang of it. Recently I’ve discovered a TON of Christian artists that I never knew existed. Apparently there is a whole genre of Christian folk music that I never knew about. I love listening to Christian music, but sometimes listing to straight worship music all day while I work is a bit much. So I’ve been really enjoying this new niche of music. It’s a very chill, folky, acoustic, coffee-house style. Some bands and lyrics and aren’t overtly spiritual, some are. I personally think there’s still a lot of power in believers of God creating and making music that is inspired by God even if every lyric isn’t explicitly about God. Here’s a few of the artists I’ve discovered if you’re looking to add to your Christian music collection: Loud Harp, Strahan, Kye Kye, Hunter G K Thompson, A Boy and His Kite, John Mark McMillan, Lovelite, All The Bright Lights, Andrew Ehrenzeller and Harvest. My favorite so far is Strahan. Good grief, he is good.

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