Change of Scene

In other news regarding major life deicsions, we are listing our sweet house on the market tomorrow. *sniff*sniff* 
This has been a long time coming, but we finally felt God’s prompting to pull the trigger on this. We first started talking about it last September when we came back from the Cayman Islands. It was like in the span on 2 weeks while we were gone, our area grew by 50,000 people and all of the sudden David’s commute to work was a stressful, accident-riddled mess. It was taking him upwards of an hour to drive 20 miles home from work on any given day. Add snow into the mix and his drive home was even longer. 
Fast forward 18 months and the situation has just gotten worse. In the span of one year, they have built or are currently building within 1/2 mile of our house:
  • 500 apartment units 
  • 300 new homes 
  • shooting range 
  • mental health facility
  • church
  • Marriott
  • Comfort Inn with a “mini water park” 
  • 500,000 square foot Scheel’s, complete with shooting range, 65 foot ferris wheel and an “indoor mountain” where you can test products. 
  • 4 million square feet of spaced zoned for future commercial retail
  • serious talks about the expansion of the Interstate which is right next to us

We knew when we bought and built our house that there was a ton of open land around us which would likely become developed. We also knew that we live in a very desirable area and that there would likely be people who move here. I guess we just didn’t expect everything to happen all at once! Consequently, the roads by our house are always closed for construction, David’s commute is awful and I personally am feeling a little suffocated by all the development and change.

We were planning on selling our house last year at this time, but when I suddenly began having health problems and the prospect of brain surgery was on the table, we decided to wait. It was a wise decision for many reasons, one of which being our neighborhood appreciated by 19% in one year. Dang!
We met with our realtor this week and in the span on 6 days, we got our house ready to sell! Our area has been selling like hotcakes with most houses going under contract within a week with multiple offers above asking price. The Colorado real estate market is absolutely nuts right now, so we’re going to hopefully take advantage of that!

The next logical question is…where are we going to move to? The short answer is…we don’t know. Somewhere in the town where David works so that he can get closer to his job. It would be great if he could ride his bike to work or at least be within a 10 minute drive. That’s a pretty big radius with a lot of options in terms of neighborhoods and areas to look at. The plan is to move in with his parents after we sell our house and then take our time looking for our next house.

We decided to do a “private listing” first, where our home doesn’t actually go on the public MLS. Since Christmas is less than 2 weeks away, there is a chance that no one is actually looking for a house right now. We don’t want to just sit on the market and risk people thinking “what’s wrong with that house? Why hasn’t it sold in such a hot market?” So we’ll list privately first and if we don’t get any bites, we’ll list publicly in January. Private listings basically just means that your house is for sale, but it’s not going to show up in the MLS database. So our realtor can market to other agents and put the word out, it just won’t show up on-line yet.

Truth be told, I’m kind of sad about this. We love this house so much, I can’t imagine ever living in a home I love as much as this one. We spent so many years saving for this house. We spent so many hours helping design it and watching it be built. It’s going to be hard to walk away.

At the same time, I’m also looking forward to it. This house has often felt like more of a recovery ward than anything else. I’ve had 3 major surgeries while living here and I feel like all I’ve done in the last 4 years is attempt to heal and get back to normal. Honestly, some of our worst years have been spent in this house.

So I’m excited about a change. A fresh start. A new town. A change of scene. My hope is that wherever we wind up, we will be walking solidly in God’s will and that His hand will have favor on our next steps and decisions in the weeks and months ahead. We’re trusting Him to help us sell this house and bring us to a home that is exactly what we need. I’ll definitely be updating on the house hunting process!


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