This & That

I have like 4 posts sitting in my drafts because I’m too distracted and overwhelmed to finish them haha! So a This & That will have to do for now! 🙂

  • Big news first! I got into grad school! Honestly, I am humbled that they want me back. Part of me truly felt like they might say “maybe just stick with your photography career, kthxbai!” But instead, they welcomed me back with gracious and open arms. I am so ridiculously excited. Far more excited than I ever was when I was accepted for the Counseling program. I’m excited to finally pursue something that I feel God calling me to.  
  • I have already registered for classes too! I managed to get 2 classes on the same day. Wednesday from 8-11am and 5-7pm with a nice 6 hour block in between to get work done in the library, which is a good thing because after looking through the syllabi, I already feel behind! But one awesome thing? I just looked at the syllabus for my Dynamics of the Spiritual Journey class and one of the requirements was to write a 10-page paper integrating personal suffering with a book titled, “A Dark Night of the Soul: A Psychiatrist Explores the Connection Between Darkness and Spiritual Growth.”  I love that God is weaving my personal experiences with my academic endeavors. Amazingly redemptive!
  • House selling is going well. We had our inspection and appraisal last week. The inspection objections were so random! They wanted us to remove a bird’s nest, a nail in our front porch they didn’t like and they thought our dishwasher latch felt a little too loose. So random. We are so thankful that nothing major (like a furnace) needs fixing or replacement.
  • House buying is going…slowly. There’s not much on the market and what is on the market is stuff we are not crazy about. One house that did catch our eye is a precious little mountain home which is still within City limits. It’s perched up on a hill and has a wrap-around porch (swoon!) with french doors that open from the Master bedroom to the porch. Could you image the peaceful Saturday mornings we could have? Just wake up and walk onto your porch with a cup of coffee in hand. We sort of love the idea. But there are drawbacks for sure….like treacherous commutes in the snow or dark, crazy mountain-man-survivalist-hermits for neighbors, septic systems, well water and spotty cell service. Still pondering this one…

  • David fractured his foot in three places while skiing a few weeks ago. This air cast has been like the 3rd member of our marriage. It goes everywhere with us. It limits what we can do. It makes peaceful walks in the snow impossible. It makes me have to do all the heavy lifting with our moving process which I shouldn’t really even be doing. I’m not a fan and David is really not a fan! Hoping to get it off soon…

  • One of my favorite Christmas gifts was my S’well Bottle! Have you heard of S’well? Their bottles are amazing! They’re stainless steel and keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Amazing! If you’re in need of a good water bottle, definitely check it out, they have the coolest colors and designs too! And the large one? It holds an entire bottle of wine…you’re welcome 🙂

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