This & That

  • We put an offer in on a house this week! We found the cutest little ranch house on the west side of town. It had an open kitchen, large deck (with a built in fire pit!) and spacious backyard. It is just the cutest. We knew the second we walked in that we loved it and wanted it. We wasted no time at all and had an offer submitted within 3 hours of seeing the house. We really wanted the house so we put in a really great offer of 15k over asking price + waiving inspection. Sadly, we still lost the house to another buyer. Turns out we were one of 5 offers (all over asking price) and the “winners” were cash buyers who also waived the appraisal, in addiction to the inspection. We were (still are…) incredibly disappointed.  
  • We have officially found a church that we loooooove! We made the tough decision a few months ago to head out in search of a new church. We didn’t have to look very long before we stumbled upon a gem. On our 3rd Sunday, one of the pastors introduced himself to us and invited us to join his small group. Whoa, what a blessing! The teaching is solid and biblical, the worship is incredible, David is already involved with the men’s ministry and we have made some new friends through our small group. I keep waiting for something bad to happen, but as time goes on I’m starting to realize that this is just a really wonderful godly church, no catch. 
  • David is doing much better these days. Still short of breath at times and gets tired easily if he’s had a big day, but overall he is getting stronger and healthier as the weeks go on. He will be meeting with a hematologist in a month or two to have some blood tests done to see if he has a blood clotting disorder. We’ve been really impressed with the level of care from his new doctor too, it feels like everyone is really watching out for his best interest. It’s crazy to think that just 6 short weeks ago we went through such a scary time. I’m so happy to have my smiling, strong, wonderful husband back!
  • I don’t have the time or space to write out all my thoughts on approaching my 1-year mark for my craniotomy, maybe in the near future. My standard response to those who ask how I’m feeling these days has been: “I don’t feel as good as I did in 2014 before SCDS started and I’m not sure I’ll ever get back to 100% or normal, but I’m better than I was before surgery and I’m learning to let that be enough and rest in the healing that God has done.” There are still areas were I desire more healing (balance, cognition, headaches) so I have been reading a lot of research on The Migraine Diet and it’s relation to patients with SCDS and there seems to be enough positive correlation that I thought it would be worth trying to see if I can regain some things that I lost in SCDS and surgery. The Migraine Diet is not just for “standard” migraines. It’s really for anyone who suffers from chronic (or even occasional) headaches, neck pain, vestibular migraines, brain fog or other certain neurologically related issues. The diet is incredibly restrictive, but thankfully it is only short term (6-12 weeks) to give your brain time to “reset.” It calls for complete elimination of all: caffeine, alcohol (goodbye wine*sniff*sniff) yogurt, cheese, citrus, nuts, yeast breads, MSG, all artificial and natural flavoring, most preservatives and a variety of beans and lentils. There’s quite a few other random items on the “do not eat” list like overly ripe bananas, avocados, marinated meat, onions and gelatin as well. Basically anything that is in a box, package, can or bag is going to be off limits unless it’s a natural frozen food….so pretty much anything that is delicious is off limits. I already miss pizza haha! 🙂 I sort of eased into it over the last week and have only been strictly adhering to it for 4 days so far. Time will tell if it’s helpful at all!
  • Grad school has been nothing short of amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever had an educational experience where I just can’t get enough, where I wish my 3-hour class was an 8-hour class because I love it so much. Even my research papers get me excited. I love my professors, my books, my classes and I even (almost) love waking up at 4:45am so I can get to campus on time for class. Every week that goes by is further confirmation that I am walking in the right direction.

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