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Really not much at all going on these days. Still living among boxes and I’m trying desperately to find my essential oils and flip-flops with no luck. School is good (4 weeks left!), David is healthy and alive (hooray!) and we have been loving the spring weather and I have been reading lots of great books about Jesus. The rest of it will follow in bullet-point fashion, per usual! Happy Spring y’all! 🙂
  • I have really good news to report regarding that awful Migraine Diet I’ve been on for 5 weeks now. It is working!!!! I have gone 3 weeks in a row without a single headache! Praise God for sweet relief. I’ve gone from a chronic low-grade headache 24/7 to absolutely NO headaches, even when the barometric pressure is changing! I miss coffee, pizza and wine something fierce, but it’s totally worth it to have a little break from the pain. I will continue with the diet for 3 more months and then I can slowly start reintroducing foods back into my diet. July can’t come soon enough…
  • House stuff has been progressing smoothly. Our inspection went really well, no major problems at all. Woo! With a house that was built almost 40 years ago, it’s obviously not going to be in perfect condition. We have some siding to replace, landscape grading to redo, rewiring of electrical outlets and a host of other random things on our to-do list. But the house is structurally sound and safe and that’s all we care about! Our appraisal is being done this afternoon, which is a make or break sort of thing. If it comes in 10k too low, our seller has the right to terminate the contract and we are back to square one. So we are crossing our fingers for a good appraisal!
  • Our obsession with Utah continues so we’re planning our next desert getaway this spring and have settled on Capitol Reef National Park! I don’t think much planning is going to go into this trip, we’ll probably just wing most of it. I do think we’d like to spend some time in Cathedral Valley though, it looks pretty amazing!
  • Is it bad that I’ve already been dreaming about the things that I want to redo in our new house? Our appraisal may come in low and we could lose the house today, but I’m still scheming and dreaming. Can’t help it. One of the first things I am dreaming of is changing up in the kitchen a little bit. Half of it is great and half of it needs a little help. It has new stainless steel appliances + new grey quartz countertops + new hardwood floors, so those things will definitely stay! But the cabinets are old and I’m not crazy at all about the backsplash the previous owners installed. I have a vision of white + grey + mint. A little something like this…

    It’s just so bright and clean! We have great natural light in our kitchen and I think white cabinets would really keep things light and airy. I’m pretty obsessed with the sea glass tile backsplash. Another thing I’ve been thinking of is painting the fireplace or resurfacing it. I’m sure resurfacing with pretty stacked stone is going to be astronomically expensive, but it doesn’t hurt to dream!

    Speaking of fireplaces, one interesting thing we discovered during our inspection was that our house is going to be 100% electric. There is no gas line into the house at all. This isn’t a big deal except for the fact that we were intending on converting the wood-burning fireplace into gas. So now we’re faced with either running a gas line outside to a propane tank or…going with a new eco-friendly fireplace that runs on bio-ethanol. Bio-ethanol fireplaces run on clean fuel made from corn, sugarcane and other food sources. You’ve probably seen them mounted on walls inside hotels or resorts. They looks fancy schmancy, but they’re actually pretty affordable



One thought on “This & That

  1. Fingers crossed for the appraisal! Ours came in low. Only $3500 low (don't even get me started on the comps that the assessor used), but still, it was an unexpected and unwelcome surprise.

    I love your house ideas and I'm looking forward to seeing it progress (and possibly stealing some of your ideas since you are way more creative than I am!)! I'm envisioning a green tile backsplash too, though have something a little bit bolder in mind and with dark cabinetry.


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